Commissioning design

At the Association of Designers of the Valencian Community (ADCV) we work to foster and ensure best practices in design hiring. Our recommendation is simple: design work should be carried out by design professionals. This ensures an efficient and quality result for the organisation which commissions these professionals, as well as being the most economical and effective manner of addressing a need or problem.

There are different contracting formulas which enable connecting with a qualified design team with which to establish a working relationship. This is the beginning of the path towards the strategic use of design, which is personalised and tailored to the particularities of each organisation. A good design project is based on a close relationship between the contracting party and the designer, which allows the professional to become fully involved, to obtain the best result and end up offering the client a profitable investment.

The commissioning of design services can be carried out in several ways:

Direct commission

  • If you know the name of a professional or a studio or agency, or wish to narrow your search to a specific discipline, our directory is a good start.

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  • This option ensures serious answers given the fact that the diffusion of the offer is carried out internally among our members, who have accredited their qualifications and professional commitment.

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Professional call

  • In these calls, a small number of professionals or studios (from 3 to 5) are selected according to the subject matter of the call. The process is carried out in two stages. In the first stage, all participants are invited to participate by means of a detailed briefing, proposing a sample or methodology to the work requested. All design teams are paid for this work. From the works received, the work considered most appropriate is selected and the final commission is contracted with its creator, this would be the second stage.

    The final commission will logically entail the payment of the corresponding fees, irrespective to the amount paid in stage 1. This practice requires knowledge of the design market in order to invite the most suitable professionals. The restricted number of participants allows for preliminary meetings with these participants, in which the commission can be specified or questions addressed. Each participant directly submits a proposal, so that he/she can defend and explain the solution proposed.

  • This open professional call is based on making a selection premised with reference to the professional work portfolio, as well as having the advice of professional associations and the constitution of a selection committee with a professional majority. It can be carried out in a single stage, selecting a design or professional team from among all those who have submitted a proposal presented and signing a contract for the undertaking of the commission, or in a twofold stage, where first between 3 and 5 finalists are selected and following a personal meeting the team who will carry out the work is selected.

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