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ADCV members requirements and categories

Fee-based categories

  • Designers who:
    – Reside or provide his/her services in the area of the Valencian Community.
    – Can substantiate his/her professionalism with over 3 years’ experience by enclosing his/her work book and curriculum, together with his/her application form.
    – Are natural persons.

    Fee: €70/quarter.

  • Designers who:
    – Reside or provide his/her services in the association’s territorial area.
    – Can substantiate his/her professionalism with less than 3 years’ experience by enclosing his/her work book and curriculum, together with his/her application form.
    – Are natural persons.

    Fee: €31/quarter.

  • A group of professionals who are part of the same studio and who wish to have a common name, as ADCV members, under the name of said studio

    Each Group Member shall have to specify and provide an account of the:

    1. Name of the studio which wishes to be publicly recorded.
    2. Personal names of the professionals who are included and will become part of the ADCV.

    The professionals registered under the same name are the members who will be associate members and, therefore, the sole beneficiaries of any ADCV service or benefit.

    Any professional who belongs to an associate studio but whose personal name is not affiliated to the ADCV and, therefore, without being registered as belonging to that associate group, cannot be a direct beneficiary of the benefits enjoyed by an ADCV member (discounts, access, registration for events, voting at Meetings etc.). These benefits are for the professionals who are included in the ADCV database as members of the Professional Group and are not transferable to any other member of the studio.

    Professional Group is the group of designers with at least one professional having over 3 years of experience registered with the ADCV within the group.

    Junior Professional Group is the group of designers in which all its members are registered in the ADCV and who are professionals having less than 3 years of experience.

    Group Fee Calculation

    Group Members benefit from a discount per professional registered under the same name.

    The fee calculation is made by means of a percentage discount on the individual fee, whether professional or junior. This percentage varies according to the number of members who are registered in the group:

    – Group from 2 to 7 registered members, a 40% discount is applied from the second member and all other members.

    – Group from 8 registered members, a 50% discount is applied from the second member and all other members.

    No. registered membersProfessional Group FeeJunior Group Fee
  • Design-related degree students

    A copy of the current course registration must be submitted upon registration. No other form of accreditation shall be valid. If you are studying a Master’s or Postgraduate degree course, you will likewise be required to accredit same with a document from the INEM (Spanish Public Employment Service) stating that you are unemployed.

    “Free Fee” Option* – So as to be excluded from payment of the first-year fee as a ADCV member, the student must submit his/her current course registration and work book. Once the year is over, the student shall pay the corresponding fee as a Student Member.

    Fee: €17/quarter

    *First year as a free member.

  • Professionals in activities indirectly related to design and who work in other areas.

    The “ADCV Friend” associate has the rights and obligations specified in the statutes for the collaborator category.

    Fee: €31/quarter.

  • Design education teachers.

    The “Teacher” associate has the rights and obligations specified in the statutes for the collaborator category.

    Fee: €31/quarter.

Fee exempt categories

  • A person who cannot be an ADCV member as he or she does not meet the requirements for membership, but who renders his or her services in the ADCV without being paid for those services.

  • This category includes professionals who meet at least one of these three requirements:

    – Expert of recognised prestige.

    – Natural or legal person who have provided relevant services to the Association.

    – Retired person, with over 25 years of seniority as ADCV members.

Member Benefits

Being a member of the ADCV means being part of an active community committed to dignifying the sector and enhancing the value of design. In addition to belonging to a non-profit organisation the financial contribution of the member is used for the benefit of the members themselves. Furthermore, supporting likewise the legitimate representation of Valencian design, making the official voice of the sector strong in public spheres.

  • Our members are most valuable members and therefore have the exclusive right to the title “Association of Designers of the Valencian Community Member” and the use of the ADCV logo to promote their membership. Furthermore, at no additional cost our members belong to READ (Spanish Network of Design Associations) and to BEDA (Bureau of European Design Associations).

  • We wish to imbue give visibility to the professionals and companies which are part of the association, for example, with the registration in the online directory and search engine, likewise with the dissemination and promotion of noteworthy individual activities and with the “The member of the month” section.

  • Members have the opportunity to participate in Valencia Disseny Week or the ADCV Awards under favourable conditions and obtain significant discounts or free entry to ADCV training programmes and activities. In addition to receiving all the books published by the association free of charge.

  • Members are eligible for priority invitations to attend events and for “Call for Project” job offers exclusively for members. Members may likewise propose and head projects, according to the financing and objective of the ADCV.

  • We are an association which works to strengthen relationships between professionals, sharing experiences and learning between members. Furthermore wishing likewise to draw on the contributions of all our members, and to that end the participation of the members in the project commission is encouraged.

  • The commitment of our members is fundamental, so that everyone has the possibility of belonging to the Board of Directors and, of course, the right to vote in Meetings.

  • We know that smooth communication is key to imbuing visibility and strengthening the sector, which is why relevant information, including job offers, through different channels is regularly sent out.

  • We facilitate the professional formalities and procedures, for example, as regards employment contracts, and for that is why there are guidelines available for our members.

  • We propose the remunerated participation in the Seminars, Workshop or Jury exchanges.

  • We offer the ADCV’s support for having a preferential use in the Las Naves facilities.

  • Young people are important to us, which is why we offer students the first year free of charge.