Acquaviva Giovanni – Armoder

Alcyone Romero

Alegre Design

Alejandro Catalá

Alfredo Merelo

Alicia Bonillo – atravesdel

Aliques Diseño

Álvaro Bautista Diseño

Amparo Navarro

Ana Gutiérrez Sígler

Ana Tarazona

Andreu Belenguer

Ángel Martínez 

Aranda Aloy Enblanc

Bambú Studio

Boke Bazán

Borja García

bram studio


Carles Andreu

Carlos Martin Design

Carlos Tíscar

Clausell Studio

Creatias Estudio

Cristina Bonora

Dani Salvador – QMAD

David Cercós

David Collado


Dibloo Estudio

Diego Mir

Elies González

Estudio Fernando Cervera

Estudio Menta

estudio mllongo


Fran Canos Studio

Gallega Design Studio


Gimeno Gràfic

Gonzalo Mora – Suite 347

Héctor Serrano – Borealis

Ibán Ramón


Isa Jiménez Designed By

Jaume Molina

JMFerrero – estudi{H}ac

joanrojeski estudi creatiu

Jorge Herrera Studio

José Luis Esparza

Jose Navarro

Josep Sòria

Juan Benavente – Juanico Design

Juanma Gallego

Juliane Petri

Kike Correcher

Kumi Furió

La Mina Estudio


Locandia Estudio

Lujan Estudio

Lupe Martínez – espaciopacobascunan

Manel Antich – dènou

Manolo Bañó – Free Design Bank

Melani Lleonart


Miguel Ángel Moya – Sr. Crus

Miguel J. López

Mireia Herrero

Mireia Selma

Mozing Studio 

Nacho Timón



pablo mestre   

PackCo, Brand & Packaging

PerezOchando estudio 


Pimpam Studio

Pistacho Studio


Rafael Armero

Rafael Villar

Ramón Arnau

Ramón Esteve

Ramon Llop

Rebeca Klamery

Ricardo Alcaide

Ricardo Solís – Ricardodisseny

Roberto Hernández 

Samaruc Estudio

Samuel González

Sandra Figuerola

Santiago Sevillano

Sara de la Mora

Sebastián Alós

Sergio Rochas

Silvia Mar

Sofía Escudero

Studio Inma Bermúdez


Teresa Magal


Vicent Martinez Disseny

Vicent Ramon

Vicente Blanes – el bandolero Lacabra

Víctor Martínez

Ximo Roca Diseño


Yolanda Herraiz



Companies and institutions

Our associated organisations provide the necessary impetus for our design promotion actions to meet their objectives. All are organisations which are firmly committed to design culture and their support is essential to enhance the value of design as a competitive and innovative tool at the service of people, companies and public institutions.

Member Benefits

Being a member of the ADCV means being part of an active community committed to dignifying the sector and enhancing the value of design. In addition to belonging to a non-profit organisation the financial contribution of the member is used for the benefit of the members themselves. Furthermore, supporting likewise the legitimate representation of Valencian design, making the official voice of the sector strong in public spheres.

  • Our members are most valuable members and therefore have the exclusive right to the title “Association of Designers of the Valencian Community Member” and the use of the ADCV logo to promote their membership. Furthermore, at no additional cost our members belong to READ (Spanish Network of Design Associations) and to BEDA (Bureau of European Design Associations).

  • We wish to imbue give visibility to the professionals and companies which are part of the association, for example, with the registration in the online directory and search engine, likewise with the dissemination and promotion of noteworthy individual activities and with the “The member of the month” section.

  • Members have the opportunity to participate in Valencia Disseny Week or the ADCV Awards under favourable conditions and obtain significant discounts or free entry to ADCV training programmes and activities. In addition to receiving all the books published by the association free of charge.

  • Members are eligible for priority invitations to attend events and for “Call for Project” job offers exclusively for members. Members may likewise propose and head projects, according to the financing and objective of the ADCV.

  • We are an association which works to strengthen relationships between professionals, sharing experiences and learning between members. Furthermore wishing likewise to draw on the contributions of all our members, and to that end the participation of the members in the project commission is encouraged.

  • The commitment of our members is fundamental, so that everyone has the possibility of belonging to the Board of Directors and, of course, the right to vote in Meetings.

  • We know that smooth communication is key to imbuing visibility and strengthening the sector, which is why relevant information, including job offers, through different channels is regularly sent out.

  • We facilitate the professional formalities and procedures, for example, as regards employment contracts, and for that is why there are guidelines available for our members.

  • We propose the remunerated participation in the Seminars, Workshop or Jury exchanges.

  • We offer the ADCV’s support for having a preferential use in the Las Naves facilities.

  • Young people are important to us, which is why we offer students the first year free of charge.

Committed to design

The ADCV is aware of the responsibility of design to create a positive impact. Our objective is to generate social and economic wealth. And we do so in an innovative manner, using design to address problems by putting people first, and likewise at the finishing line. Connecting visions and cultures. Creating bridges between technology and humanity. Stemming environmental degradation by being the motor of circular economy. Creating liveable, friendly and coherent environments. And offering strategic vision to turn problems into opportunities.
We as designers have the difficult task of tackling social and productive challenges by offering solutions through new ideas, products and languages which foster innovation. Design enables us to address these changes and improvements in order to foster business growth and further the well-being of society by taking care of the planet.

Many design professionals in the Valencian Community are already part of the ADCV. Discover the reasons!