Palillos Dragon Hashi

by Sanserif Creatius

Sanserif Creatius


Palillos orientales para occidentales / Eastern Chopsticks to Western people

Handicraft production.

Eastern Chopsticks to Western people A new generation of Japanese chopsticks which style based on the simple design of the original ones, made of bamboo - two rods that are tuned in the tip, that brings new benefits to the traditional ones.

They are made by borosilicate glass with a cylindrical finish that extends in the edge, providing a flat surface which improves the grip of the food, and a detail in the opposite side imitating a dragon tail, which used to decorate as well as to facilitate the gripping of food.

Medidas: Ø 0,6 x 20 cm

Medidas del packaging: 4 x 2 x 25 cm

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