Moments Clock

by Sanserif Creatius

Sanserif Creatius


Handicraft production. Olive oil clock

One notch / 1 hour

Moments it is an oil clock that has been made up of a glass test tube, which imitates the neck of wine bottles, and that has a little hole in the base incorporated known as ‘picada’. Moments feeds itself of olive oil that it works as fuel to keep the fire burning and the wick is able to float in a cardboard disc. This project provides 10 hours of eco-ambient light that hydrates the air and guarantees a full experience so we do not have to worry about time. Produced by Sara Sorribes.

This set includes a handmade glass container with 24 hours engraving and 3 floating wicks.

Medidas: ø 3 x 12 cm

Medidas del packaging: 3,3 x12,5 cm

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*Menzione Honorífica in Second Edition of A designer a day, Tortona Design Week (Milano)